The Space Between
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Hey Artist. Listen. We know you're caught in the space between being & becoming. Not only are you going to survive the interim, you're gonna turn it into your greatest superpower. We'll show you how. 

Inspired and founded by actress & creator Kaira Akita after years of her own creative crisis, identity anxiety, and "fear of falling behind" syndrome, The Inspired Interim was born out of personal necessity & the need to elevate the public conversation around the intersection of identity, creative process, & divine purpose for inevitable artists who believe they have a higher calling to change the world with their gifts...if only they can survive the interim. 

Practical, powerful, and personal, The Inspired Interim creates digital & IRL content, experiences, community, & products that empower you to embrace the spaces between being & becoming so you can harness the power of your most clear, courageous, and connected self. Because we believe when artists are at their best, the world becomes a better place. And there are no shortcuts. Only The Inspired Interim. Welcome to your new superpower headquarters.


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Whether virtual or in real life, our intimate, innovative, & insightful pop up experiences bring together small but mighty groups of inevitable artists with the courage to tap into inspired community, strategy, & action in the spaces between. 

We're currently planning upcoming events and would love your input. Please complete the survey below & receive priority consideration for our upcoming invitation-only Fall/Winter 2017 events. 

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Nov. 2016 / Los Angeles, CA
Becoming Me with Andrea Pippins & Kaira Akita 

A candid, intimate evening of conversation at A Toast 2 Artistry in Downtown LA with designer, illustrator, & educator Andrea Pippins, author of I Love My Hair and Becoming Me and Kaira Akita, actress, creator, & founder of The Inspired Interim. Both discuss their personal and creative journeys, including the power of therapy, working through fear & uncertainty, creating a support system, and more. 


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