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Changing how artists, creatives, + storytellers see themselves in the spaces between so they can change the world.

Hey, I'm Kaira Akita. I created this space for inevitable artists, creatives, and storytellers - people like myself - who know they were born for greatness but seem to be waiting a lifetime for their greatness to unfold. You're eager to serve your higher calling but have been stuck in limbo while you watch others seemingly pass you by. You're still pretty awesome so you somehow manage to keep pushing...but deep down you're feeling a slow burn & want to skip ahead and get to who you are REALLY meant to be already.

There, there grasshopper. I get you because I am you. And after a lifetime of great expectations, ten years in the professional creative game, and five years of identity anxiety, creative crisis, & fear of falling behind syndrome, I finally surrendered & committed to the idea that the interim is the most inspired place of all. It's where we get clear, connected, and courageous about our identity, our gifts, and how to activate them in the most powerful way possible. Because the world needs our artistry now more than ever.

Welcome to The Inspired Interim. We've got this.

The Podcast.

Hosted by Kaira Akita, #InspiredInterimPodcast gets personal and powerful through peeks into Kaira's in-the-trenches process & perspective, storytelling, & guest convos for the spaces between in our identity, life, & work. Season 2 episodes now airing here and on iTunes


 Video / #IAmInevitable

Good Reads and Resources for Greatness in the Spaces Between.



Because there is a time to be quiet, alone, and get clear; and a time to listen, gather, and get things done. Sign up below to get info when you're ready for the latter. We've got you covered.

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