The Space Between
is The New Superpower. 


You Bring the Courage.
I'll Bring the Challenge. 

Hey You. Listen. I know you're caught in the space between being & becoming. Not only are you going to survive the interim, you're gonna turn it into your greatest superpower. Let's find our cape...together.

I'm Kaira Akita, an actress & creator who, after years of creative crisis, identity anxiety, and "fear of falling behind" syndrome, has finally embraced the idea that the interim isn't a place to avoid, but a place to find my unique superpower and infuse it into my identity, life, and creative process. My hope is to make The Inspired Interim a personal, powerful, & practical space that empowers driven artists to embrace the spaces between being & becoming as the place to harness their most clear, courageous, and connected selves. Because I believe when artists are at their best, the world becomes a better place. And there are no shortcuts. Only The Inspired Interim.


You know God has put you on this Earth with a unique creative gift, but you're tired of things not looking & feeling like your highest purpose and potential.

You've experienced some success in your work but you have a greater vision for your art beyond the standard definition of success and aren't quite sure how to get there.

You've tried to figure out "what you're doing wrong" on your own but have reached a point where you crave community, connection, and a fresh perspective outside your own mental loop.

You realize your most rewarding art has occurred when it's personal, and you want to understand more about your own identity to take your work and creative process to the next level.

You are a straight-shooter who appreciates perspective that empowers you & calls you out on your own shit, conversations with like-minded people that go beyond feel-good inspiration, and actionable strategies that help you explore & embrace the space between as the ultimate superpower for the artist you're meant to be. 

Welcome to your new superpower headquarters. Take a look around. 


the Inspired Interim Studio.


the Inspired Interim Experiences.

Gather yourself, dahling! My intimate, innovative, & insightful pop up experiences bring together small but mighty groups of artists with the courage to tap into inspired community, strategy, & action in the spaces between. 

I'm currently planning upcoming events and would love your input. Please complete the survey below & receive priority consideration for our upcoming invitation-only Fall/Winter 2017 events. 

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Nov. 2016 / Los Angeles, CA
Becoming Me with Andrea Pippins & Kaira Akita 

A candid, intimate evening of conversation at A Toast 2 Artistry in Downtown LA with designer, illustrator, & educator Andrea Pippins, author of I Love My Hair and Becoming Me and Kaira Akita, actress, creator, & founder of The Inspired Interim. Both discuss their personal and creative journeys, including the power of therapy, working through fear & uncertainty, creating a support system, and more. 


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