Who We Are

THE INSPIRED INTERIM creates digital & in real life content, events, community, and products that give artists the courage & perspective to see the spaces between as the new superpower in their identity, life, & creative work. Founded in 2016, The Inspired Interim offers a fresh perspective in the empowerment space through inspiration & direction from its founder Kaira Akita -- an actress and creator on a mission to interrupt & elevate how we connect with ourselves, each other, & the world around us through her work in courageous identity, storytelling, creative, lifestyle, & culture. 


What We Believe

WE ACKNOWLEDGE that the interim isn't a one time event. It's a series of recurring spaces as we move from level to level in our purpose and potential. 

WE EMBRACE artistry as not just the work we create, but a way of living our lives in a courageous, authentic, thoughtful, and meaningful way that honors all parts of ourselves and how we add value to the people and the world around us.

WE DEFINE superpower as the ability to acknowledge, harness, and act on our unique personal identity, journey, and gifts to create our most personal and powerful life and work.

WE BELIEVE when artists are at their best, the world is a better place. And we believe our best, most authentic, most courageous selves happen in the spaces between being and becoming. 

WE ANCHOR our sense of self and our work in a divine purpose to serve God, the original Creator, as we create work that serves His call on our lives and the greater good of humanity. 

WE ARE COMMITTED to going beyond philosophy and feel good-isms by crafting a practical, powerful, and useful platform that merges courageous identity, visionary thinking, emotional intelligence, & structured action.


What We Do



Weekly challenges from Kaira's inbox to yours to help you find the courage to embrace your unique Inspired Interim.



Short form visual storytelling that honors the process of The Inspired Interim on an individual and collective level.


A limited edition series of conversations & stories hosted by Kaira Akita. 



Intimate, insightful, & innovative events for connection & action to help nurture your being & becoming.



What Artists Are Saying

The podcast is terrific! I started listening and I keep wanting to stop and take it all in.
— Caroline, Actress
This. Podcast. Was. Incredible. Kaira is so likeable and Sam was speaking such truth. Amen to focusing on growing our intimacy with our individuality above all!
— Johanna, Actress & Storyteller
I AM INEVITABLE is going to be my morning affirmation. Thank you!
— Edith, Designer
Talk about a seat at the table. I was front & center at the private dinner. Magic happened. Sh*t was dope.
— Antjuan, Actor
I had the pleasure of attending the most inspiring event last night hosted by The Inspired Interim. I left there full and ready to walk confidently into my next venture.
— Tomiko, Women's Empowerment Artist