Storyteller. Writer. Truth-Freaker. One Woman Show Creatrix. Mentor for women ready to take the stage.

Seattle, WA

In my teenage and young adult years, I was super confused about who I was as a woman so I played the quiet good girl role. I felt powerless as an Artist and was always waiting to be picked and get approved. I had to take my own heroine's journey; I had to come to know who I was as a Woman, not who I thought I should be. I had to face my demons of doubt and the fears that raged underneath the surface of my mask. Today, I walk this earth as a truth-freaker. I am committed to creating artistry for humanity and deeply devoted to the fierce female voice being heard. Knowing who I am and how I want to serve is what makes my art inevitable. 

We are programmed by our media to feel fear and fall into apathy. This piece is about rising, creating, expanding, remembering, creating and using our voices for Love. And that's the game I want to play in this life; the game of having power. We are Divinity in action when we remember our innate gifts.

I support the voice of the feminine. That means producing, directing, and mentoring as many women and teens as I can to get their voices out into the world, as well as walking my talk and getting vulnerable and visible with my own art, emotion, and story-telling.

I am opening the doors to my favorite offering for women. It's called She Takes The Stage and it is a program where I mentor and produce women's stories for the stage. I am also prepping for a month long Los Angeles run of Dirty Me Divine, my one-woman show about sexuality, survival, and soul.

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When the world (or your own) seems to be falling apart, pause & press play on our #IAMINEVITABLE video as reminder that you are, in fact, inevitable. The #IAMINEVITABLE interview series proudly highlights inevitable storytellers featured in the video campaign.



Actress. Spoken Word Artist. Youth Educator.

Sacramento, CA 

Knowing my purpose and not compromising who I am or what I believe to make it in a world that promotes conformity. 

It means everything! I love artwork that provides a platform for change, healing and self-discovery!

I plan to use what God gave me and share it in the unique way that only I can. We all have gifts/talents; some are gifted in the same areas. But God gave it to each of us differently and it's our different voices, views, talents, etc., that can make an impact. I dare to be different! And with that, I'm excited/determined to make change!

I'm currently in development with my woman show.

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When the world (or your own) seems to be falling apart, pause & press play on our #IAMINEVITABLE video as reminder that you are, in fact, inevitable. The #IAMINEVITABLE interview series proudly highlights inevitable storytellers featured in the video campaign.

#IAMINEVITABLE: Davon Williams


Actor. Writer. Teaching Artist.

Baltimore, MD

Because I understand the cost and meaning of sacrifice, I am inevitable.

This piece is a re-dedication to my call of duty: to give and not to count the cost, to fight and not to heed the wounds, to toil and not to seek for rest, and to labor and not ask for any reward.

Now, more than ever, I plan to serve our community by creating content that better communicates what it means to be human

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When the world (or your own) seems to be falling apart, pause & press play on our #IAMINEVITABLE video as reminder that you are, in fact, inevitable. The #IAMINEVITABLE interview series proudly highlights inevitable storytellers featured in the video campaign.

The Truth About The Year Our Legends Died

News of George Michael's passing on Christmas Day hit hard. Another icon snatched by a relentless 2016, joining the ranks of Prince, Bowie, and Ali, just to name a few. People half-jokingly asked for someone to check on Madonna, whose powerful Billboard Women in Music speech now feels more significant than ever (I'm still here, she told us, with defiant grace).

But the truth is 2016 is no different from other years where we lost greats and the world seemed to be falling apart. And each time, somehow, we made it through. The truth about the deaths of our legends in 2016? It should nudge us not to check on Madonna, but on ourselves. 

Time is cruel but it's also crafty. It's creating a space for the next generation of artists. No, there will never be another Michael, Prince, Bowie, or Ali. And there isn't supposed to be. Each generation, filled with it's own set of triumphs and challenges, will give rise to a new breed of icons. And while we may not see ourselves as genius level talent, the best way we can honor these geniuses is to tap into our own unique voices and choose to see ourselves - and our work - in the highest capacity.

The truth about the death of our legends in 2016? It's ushering in a rebirth. A renaissance. A rite of passage for the inevitable artists and creatives who have the audacity to push through their own fear, insecurity, and doubt to honor their legends by becoming their own and serving up their gifts for the greater good. This is how we commune with them. This is how we thank them. This is how we keep their spirits alive. This is how we can choose to remember 2016...the year the legends died so new ones could be born.

In Conversation Live: Becoming Me Los Angeles

Becoming Me Los Angeles with Kaira Akita & artist/author Andrea Pippins served up a fun, insightful, & truly candid evening of conversation about their creative journeys, pushing past fear in their lives & work, & why we need courageous artists now more than ever. 

filmed on location at a toast 2 ARTISTRY.

How to Cure Boundary Hangover Syndrome

By now, we all know that to say yes to yourself means that you have to often say no to others. Set boundaries. Be clear. No is a complete sentence. Yep. Got it. Great.

But here's the thing. We're human and it takes a lot of practice to say no and not feel a little something afterwards. And if you're a person like me, if I see something that needs to be done or fixed, and I know how to do it, it is hard for me not to offer my help. I've put myself in some pretty dead end situations with that mindset, and have definitely had to work on setting boundaries and only saying yes to things that align with who I am and how I flow.

Recently, the very wise and grownup Kaira said no and set a boundary for a project that wasn't a fit for me. While I knew I was doing the right thing, I definitely suffered from Boundary Hangover Syndrome...those moments immediately after saying no where you feel bad about disappointing (or even upsetting) the person on the receiving end. Here's how I cured those feelings real quick and moved on with my day:

When you say no, you give the person an opportunity to show who they really are by how they respond.

While most people want to avoid conflict, conflict can be your biggest ally. When you choose to say no to someone, you're creating conflict by saying what they don't want to hear. How someone responds to conflict says a lot about their character. This is a golden opportunity. Seize it to assess whether this is a person you want to say yes to at a later date, when the time is right. 

Trust your truth to outweigh any negative talk from the receiver of the no.

Let's get this all the way in perspective. I'll admit that a big part of my Boundary Hangover Syndrome occurs when I get a bit in my feelings wondering about what the person thinks and what they will say about me. Listen. If you operate in grace and integrity as your norm, and aren't out here doing folks crazy right and left, this is a non-issue. I repeat. A non-issue. Real recognizes real. If someone chooses to dislike you and spread negative talk because of a no, so be it. Trust who you are, the miles you've run, and the reputation you've built.

Remember the underlying factors & the deja vu that led to your no.

It's totally human to get lost in the fallout of Boundary Hangover Syndrome and forget about the red flags that paved the road to your no. Be proud that you're able to assess the situation and act on it faster than in the past. The only reason you can recognize red flags is because you've seen them before. This means you're growing in experience as a leader and critical thinker, and it doesn't have to take you weeks or months or years to recover from a yes that should have been a no. This truly is a moment to celebrate. Write down the red flags - not as an explanation for the other person, but as empowerment for yourself. 

No one is going to die. 

Unless you've said no to performing a life saving surgery, no one is going to die from your no. I repeat. NO. ONE. IS. GOING. TO. DIE. We can create these narratives in our head about how bad the other person may feel or how you let them down or how they won't be able to move forward without you. None of the is real. They will survive, and if it is meant to be, they will actually thrive. Your no can actually become a part of their story where they were forced to say yes to themselves. It's the circle of life, not the kiss of death.

Hope this helps you prepare for your next Boundary Hangover Syndrome episode. Sure, BHS will happen less frequently as we gain more experience and emotional efficiency. But in the meantime, it's a reality that we simply don't talk about enough. It's totally OK to go through these feelings after a no, as long as we ultimately embrace the hell-to-the-nah for the gift that it is.

Followers Included, Leaders Sold Separately.

In the world of social media, it can be tempting to measure your worth and influence by your follower count. There is something very seductive and validating about having a throng of adoring followers. We all want to know that we're doing work that is visibly connecting with others. But consider this...

Which "others" are the most important? 

The followers will eventually come. Get that huge deal, press hit, TV show, viral content, or simply be consistent and keep showing up, and followers will do what they do. They will follow.

As a leader, it's most important that you're doing the real, steady, organic work so that you attract other leaders. Real recognizes real, and real leaders do the work whether they have 10 or 10,000 people following. 

So, RELAX. You aren't behind if you don't have a huge social media following. As long as you're doing the work and attracting the spirit of authentic leadership, you'll be ahead of the pack in the long run, and the followers will naturally fall in place. 

The Truth About Gifts & Greatness

We all love being good at something, right? It's that thing that people praise us for, that thing that makes us feel special, that thing that feels like success. Our gifts.

But the truth is, true success comes from personal greatness. And your personal greatness has nothing to do with what you're good at. Your gifts are just a tool. It's easy to get caught up with our gifts and think they're supposed to lead us to all our personal, financial, and spiritual success. But no. This couldn't be further from the truth.

You'll never be great until you are forced to step outside of your gifts. Until you've struggled, questioned everything, or contemplated quitting, you're only going to get as far as your God-given gifts will take you. 

Your ultimate greatness comes from the combination of discovering who you are in these trying moments, coming out on the other side of it, and then pairing that with what you're good at. So, don't just lead with the good. Lean into the great. Because your gifts are a given. But your greatness? That is a choice.

Cheat On Your Vision Board

Don't we all love a good ol' uplifting vision board? You know, that thing we do (usually in January, but a few times a year for you overachievers) where we visualize all the things we want but don't yet have? 

Yeahhhh. About that. Here's the thing. I've never been able to stay fully inspired by a vision board. Maybe it's just me, but within a few weeks the thrill is gone and I'm doing a slow wall slide as I ugly cry about all the things I haven't accomplished yet. Just kidding. Maybe. Anywho.  Allow me to introduce my new lover, the brilliance board. 

A brilliance board celebrates not what you want, but what you already have. It highlights the brilliance you're bringing to the table everyday and puts it in plain sight.

Doesn't that sound better? A brilliance board can help you capture it all, from the obvious public accomplishments to the more subtle private successes that only you see. First, make a list. Then, just like a vision board, find images and words from magazines that represent items on your list. Or you can even keep it super simple and write on post-its or white poster board. Just remember to keep it just as visual and fun as a traditional vision board for the full effect.

I know you're probably already in a serious relationship with your vision board. I'm not saying give it up. But mix things up a bit. A brilliance board may be exactly what you need to spice up your relationship with inspiration and remind yourself of all the brilliance you already have...no slow wall slides necessary. 

You're On Someone's Board

I'm working on a big, new, exciting project and I've started a board. The board includes names of people I've been thinking of. People who I believe would be a great fit for the project. People who I've admired from afar. People who I want to hire to bring their talents to the table. People who have absolutely no idea they're on this board.

That's when I realized...

If they're on my board, then I'm on someone else's board. And so are you. And we don't even know it. 

Isn't that a relief? We spend so much time working, grinding, dreaming, and trying that we can feel isolated and alone. But we must trust our work, trust every moment we've invested, trust our inevitable momentum. All of this counts. All of this is paying off. All of this is not going unnoticed. All of this is getting you on someone's board.

And you've earned it. You may be working on your own now, but someone and something is aligning so you'll be able to build more together than you could ever do alone. You've got this. And someone's got you. 

4 Questions on Collaboration

Collaboration is a huge part of the creative process. But at what cost? Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we have to decide if we're collaborating with a person that is a fit. Red flags, conflicts, and personality differences can often interrupt the collaborative flow. Naturally, we want things to work out so we don't have to shoulder the burden of creating a project on our own or giving up on all the work that's been put into it over time. But, we also have to look at the bigger picture, trust our inner voice, and ask the tough questions about whether or not to move forward:

1. Does my collaborator bring out the best in me or the worst of my dysfunction?


2. If I could say one thing about this collaboration with brutal honesty, what would it be?


3. Who have they shown themselves to be during our collaboration? Who have I shown myself to be?


4. If the project is a huge success, how would I feel being aligned with this person as we represent the project in the world?


Whether you decide to stay or walk away, just remember that it's truly all about understanding your personal vision, value, and alignment. Happy collaborating (or not)! 

Dreams & Birthrights

When we're chasing dreams, we're in constant motion. Perpetually playing catch up with a frenzied focus on that thing we're trying to do.

But what happens when we stop running, take a deep breath, stand, and simply choose who we are...our birthright?

Stop chasing dreams. Start choosing birthright.

Feels better, yes? No running. No racing. Only relaxing into choosing what's already divinely yours. Our birthright, the privilege to which a person is entitled to by birth, requires no chasing. Just the courage to get clear about the highest opinion of yourself and your divine identity, purpose, and power. 

Your journey will thank you for it. 

Ignore Everything & You Can Do Anything

I've been having an endless flow of creative energy lately. And I like it. Actually, I love it. And just when I'm really getting a good stride going, you know what I do? 

I pop my head out to see what everyone else is doing. 

And that, my friends, is when things get weird.  

The minute I pay too much attention to what other people are doing, my creative bubble bursts. I immediately feel the difference in my spirit, my heart, and my work. It starts harmless enough, but next thing I know I'm questioning or comparing my creative work to someone else's. So, I've decided to give myself a new motto:

Ignore everything & you can do anything. Because our best, breakthrough work happens when we keep our eyes on our process. From there, anything is possible. 

And that's the type of work I'm trying to create. Bold work. Breakthrough work. Being myself work. And how do I do that if I'm paying attention to everyone else?

I don't. And so I won't. And neither should you.

Create Space for Contradiction

We live in a society where we're taught to live with an either/or mentality. But this mentality will kill you.

We all have moments where we feel unsure, insecure, or just all over the place. Most people try to tuck these sides of them away, and keep it all pulled together. 

But you are not most people. You are a messenger, a catalyst, a unique voice. And so you must have the courage to create space for contradiction and allow it to be put on display. You are not an either/or human.

You are fierce and fragile, messy and magnificent, extraordinary and extra ordinary. These contradictions will not break you, they will actually make you.

When you give yourself permission to show all of you, you give others permission to do the same. For this, they will be drawn to you and be willing to follow you wherever your work and creativity may take you. Embrace your contradictions and watch everything change.

The Truth About the Interim

Here are three hard but honest truths about the interim that I've come to embrace...and you should too. Don't worry, the third one confirms that you are totally amazing and on the right track. You've got this.

1. It's not a one time event.

The interim is not a one time event. It is a recurring space as you evolve from level to level in your identity, purpose, and gifts. If you are living and working in your personal greatness, you will have many interims in your lifetime. Accept it. Embrace it. Learn in it.

2. It's not a place to avoid.

Most people try to avoid this place. They treat it as a pit stop. A place to pray and motivate their way out of as quickly as possible. No. How you respond, learn, and produce in the interim is the single most important factor to the unfolding of your full potential.

3. It's not for suckas. 

It takes courage to strive and struggle in the in-between. If you're experiencing an interim, it's because you have the guts to go after something bigger than yourself. That, in itself, makes you special and stronger than you know. Trust your own courage, even when you stumble.

In Conversation: Dayka Robinson



Dayka Robinson is an Atlanta-based interior designer & solo world adventurer whose greatest passion is finding ways to live with intention...and inspiring others to do the same along the way.


Dayka is formidable AF. Seriously. During our convo she admits she has always been confident. But her interim (what she calls the hallway) has allowed her to dig deeper and become even more assured and intentional in how she approaches her life and work (which she is adamant about making one in the same, BTW). The result? A creative, formidable force that radiates tough love, authenticity, and transparency that will leave you rocking and shouting in the amen corner (she totally took me to church, y'all.).

Some of my fave moments from our chat include:

  • How she jumped from a college major she hated to a hobby she loved to  her own successful interior design business
  • The value of figuring out your process and why you shouldn't necessarily get paid for that process in the beginning
  • How being a solo traveler helped her challenge the mentality of lack & tell the truth about what she really wanted
  • How vitiligo interrupted how she saw herself & helped her develop a new value system 
  • The power of asking "What's the one thing I don't want people to see?"
  • When & why she asks herself the question "What would my whole self say?" 
  • Why women should worry more about telling the truth vs. being liked 

feedback & friendship.

Listen & let us know your fave Dayka moment at @daykarobinson & @inspiredinterim. Know a friend who really needs to hear this convo? Be of service! Share the link to this episode & check "do something for someone else" off today's to do list.