Ep. 102: In Conversation with Dayka Robinson



Dayka Robinson is an Atlanta-based interior designer & solo world adventurer whose greatest passion is finding ways to live with intention...and inspiring others to do the same along the way.


Dayka is formidable AF. Seriously. During our convo she admits she has always been confident. But her interim (what she calls the hallway) has allowed her to dig deeper and become even more assured and intentional in how she approaches her life and work (which she is adamant about making one in the same, BTW). The result? A creative, formidable force that radiates tough love, authenticity, and transparency that will leave you rocking and shouting in the amen corner (she totally took me to church, y'all.).

Some of my fave moments from our chat include:

  • How she jumped from a college major she hated to a hobby she loved to  her own successful interior design business
  • The value of figuring out your process and why you shouldn't necessarily get paid for that process in the beginning
  • How being a solo traveler helped her challenge the mentality of lack & tell the truth about what she really wanted
  • How vitiligo interrupted how she saw herself & helped her develop a new value system 
  • The power of asking "What's the one thing I don't want people to see?"
  • When & why she asks herself the question "What would my whole self say?" 
  • Why women should worry more about telling the truth vs. being liked